Friday, July 27, 2012

{ The Flower Snap }




  { The Flower Snap }



  Haven't you've wanted to buy all these amazing flowered headbands, necklaces, bobby pins or even rings, but can't afford them all? Ladies and Ladies, your wait (and your wallet) is over! How would you like to be able to change your accessories to match your wardrobe with just a 'snap!' 

Abby's Closet would like to present 
"The Flower Snap" 
Here at Abby's Closet, we have created a way to change your accessory collection forever! Say goodbye to overpaying for fashion and join the revolution of jewelry and accessories! 

{ How does it work? }
We have come up with a way to mix and match our accessories and jewelry! Our new line of magnetic accessories includes:

Bobby Pins

With just a single snap, you can transform your accessory collection to match any outfit. Want to add a splash of color? Simply just replace it with just a snap!It's that easy!

Take a look below at some of the items I have to offer or check out our Etsy Shop to see the whole collection! Will be adding more weekly! Have a suggestion of color or style? Email us at Abby's Closet and let us know! Also all comments left would be appreciated!! What do you think?

Monday, July 9, 2012

{ Colorful Wooden Spoons }


 { Colorful Wooden Spoon

Want to turn those ordinary wooden spoons into something beautiful? Here is a great project to spice up kitchen! 

This is a very short and sweet DIY project! I bought these wooden spoon set from Bed, Bath and Beyond for only $10! 


 { Supplies }

Water Proof Paint
Sponge Stick
Scissors (optional)
Tape (optional)

All you have to do it choose what colors you want to paint on each wooden spoon! I picked 4 colors and 2 of each! Make sure when you paint you let them fully dry! 

Optional: What I did to make mine a little more unique is I took the take and split it in half! Then I carefully wrapped that tape around the wooden spoons!  Just paint over the tape and let dry. Once dried simply remove the tape for a very cute spiral effect!

Now you have beautiful, colorful spoons to brighten up your kitchen! Enjoy!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

{ Memory Jar }

{ Memory Jar }

My husband and I were talking a while back about writing down all the fondest moments we have experienced since we have been together. 

But being the procrastinators we are we never got around to it. I saw this amazing project that could help make it easy to write down our memories together!  So I preset to you 'The Memory Jar!' 

Here are the supplies you will need!
{ Supplies }

Mod Podge
Sponge or Brush
Scrapbooking Paper (of your choice)
Glue Tape
Blank Gift Tags
Binder Rings

Now creating the label, you may design however you like! I took 2 shades of blue and added 2012 label printed from my PC! I used the Tape Glue to attach the the paper together. I prefer the tape glue because it leaves no mess and no bubbles!

Mod Podge the back of your label and put it on your jar! Once you have finished that, take the binder ring and attach your Blank Gift Tags together! You can use scrap pieces of paper as well! That's it!



Now the rest is up to you! You can add funny sayings, accomplishments, etc. When adding memories to your jar, make sure to place the date up at the top of Gift Tags so you won't forget the dates!

Don't have time to make one yourself? Let us do it for you! All items made here on my Blog will be for purchase on my site coming soon in my Home Collection! 

Want more details? Email us at Abby's Closet  <3


Saturday, May 19, 2012

The challenge!

{ "Pin it!" }


 These two little words have changed the way we view the web! 

One site, that for me gets my creative thinking forced into fourth gear. After putting my kids to sleep one night, I decided to take a break and explore this site called 'Pinterest!' everyone has been talking about it all week and I felt compelled to check it out! Once I started seeing all these 'pins' I felt my brain getting excited! How can one site hold so much information and ideas for your life? I sat there and pinned, pinned & pinned! Half the time I didn't even look at the actually site, just saved them for me to browse at later! But after awhile I started thinking, what good is a pin if you don't try them? One afternoon, playing with my daughter it hit me! Why don't I try to do one thing from my pins a week! Brilliant right? But then I thought it would take me forever and decided to try to pick 4 things every 2 weeks, maybe from each category! Then I decided that I wanted to share my journey with the everyone! So here we are, starting my adventures with everyone following along to experience my journey!

Check out my 'Pinnned' page to join in my adventure and learn to do some of these amazing DIY projects yourself!! 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Welcome, Come on in!

{ Welcome to Abby's Blog }


Welcome! Thanks for checking out my new Blog! I wanted to create a way to run my own boutique but still be able to connect with fans and other woman like myself! I've started a couple more projects so many fun DIY adventures and fashion through my boutique! 

{ 'Pinned' }


Pin it! We here it everywhere now! I was so intrigued that I just had to check it out! I love to pin everything now! So I've decided instead of me just pinning all these things, won't I try them out! I decided to take a challenge and try some of these DIY Home remedies and projects! Along with new recipes and other fun awesome things I find!   


                                         { My Boutique }


Abby's Closet is handmade accessories designed for all ages! Working with great fabrics, textures and colors to come up with original and unique designs! These playful accessories are sure to spice up everyday outfits for women and children! I'm starting to work on some new designs for the summer and getting more ideas for the fall season that will be here before we know it! 

Please take a look around my shop, my blog and my facebook fan page for awesome deals, new items and fun DIY projects! Enjoy!